Friday, 1 August 2014

Destiny - The Titan Superman Move

The IGN First series have continued their coverage of Destiny and I am super excited about the high level Titan moves!

The aptly named "Death From Above" supercharge upgrade is simply bananas. You literally fly through the air like Superman, it is so great! :D The shoulder charge move looks like a lot of fun to use as well. I particularly enjoy the jumping version where you knee the poor victim in the face :)

Screenshots of all this along with the sweet gear/weapon Kinslayer was using can be found below (see full post) :)

Playing as a Titan during the Beta was incredibly fun (find all my PS4 Gameplay videos here), can't wait to try out all of this for myself!

Shoulder Charge :)

Jumping Shoulder Charge - Knee To Face :)

Exotic Helmet

Legendary Chest Armour (English FTW :P)

Legendary Gauntlets
Exotic Red Death Pulse Rifle - So...Much...Powah...

Exotic Red Death Pulse Rifle - "Accurized Ballistics"

Exotic Red Death Pulse Rifle - Field Choke

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