Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Darker Side Of Software Metrics

Tonight I went to go see @sleepyfox give a presentation on software metrics which was renamed at the last minute to "The Darker Side Of Software Metrics".

To summarise, the talk was very much on how software metrics can not only be useless but actually detrimental in software development. Many random pieces of wisdom were dolled out and overall the talk was very amusing and informative.

The recording of the video is in fact already available here, many thanks to the awesome people of Skills Matter!


  • Highly enjoyed the comical style, good comedy is always welcome in a presentation!
  • Great to encourage audience interaction and engagement
    • Be wary one person doesn't dominant this though
  • Some of the jokes may have been either too estorectic or given without context.
    • Perhaps frame jokes so they highlight a point better?
  • Talk lacked structure (from being unfinished), it was hard to follow the overall point on some slides.
    • Perhaps use more "sign-posting" to guide the audience
    • Have clearer overall message before introducing a bunch of quotes/slides?


  • My most important takeaway was the emphasis on how no metrics can ever help you predict the future.
  • Software estimation for this purpose is therefore implied to be futile.
    • The question then is "how do you then hit time requirements for projects?"
  • One of the quotes said "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything."
    • Similarly, perhaps: "Metrics are useless but measuring is everything." 

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