Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Finger Eleven - Them vs. You vs. Me

~ Sometimes so it reminds me… ~ 

Third studio album from Finger Eleven released in 2007, so I'm only 6 years late ;)

Unlike the previous two albums, which I listened to non-stop for 2 years of my life, this album doesn't have many songs I actually like enough to listen to regularly. The sound is still very much Finger Eleven though. My main gripe is that too many of the tracks don't settle on a melodic or heavy tempo which ends up spoiling them.

Anywho, three great songs that have made it into my regular playlist:

The opening track on the album, it has a steady beat that builds nicely and I enjoy the energy :)

I'll Keep Your Memory Vague
This is an absolutely beautiful song which is my favourite track of the album. It has a brilliant melodic quality and I find the lyrics to be poetic and really emotive.

Sense of a Spark
This track has a nice homage to Stay in Shadow and I like the neat little rift at the introduction.

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