Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Recycling Time

Inspired by Sandro Mancuso's Software Craftsmanship book.

"… I would but I don't have the time" 

How many times do we lie to ourselves with this line? We all waste time, in one form or another. However if we really wanted to, we could "recycle" time that is used up by other day-to-day things.

Commuting is a brilliant example of this. I spend half an hour every morning and evening travelling on the London Underground. Previously I would fill this by playing random Android games or reading manga. When I joined the LJC Book Club, suddenly I had to find time to read everyday. So now on my tube journey, instead of pulling out my phone, I pull out a book instead.

Other examples of times that could be recycled include:

  • While cooking/eating... 
  • While waiting for people to arrive to meetings, at the doctors, etc...
  • Over your lunch break at work 
  • Before/after your marathon gaming session ;) 

Having said all of this, it is important to note that everything should be done in moderation. We can't be productive every waking hour of every day! In fact, doing things to unwind is critical to our productivity.

If you are tickled by this idea, highly recommend you give Sandro's book a go!

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