Friday, 23 August 2013

Lambdas: Myths & Mistakes

This evening I went along to SkillsMatter to watch Richard Warbuton give his talk "Lambdas: Myths and Mistakes"


  • Always good to have humour in the presentation
  • Great to invoke audience participation
  • Awesome to have well formatted and properly colour coded code
  • Too many "umms" throughout, will be improved with practice.
    • Particularly noticeable when demo'ing the conversion to lambdas for the first time.
  • Perhaps the jump from external iteration to internal iteration was too fast?
    • Speak a little about streams first?
    • However it was good to see a worked example straight away
  • During some parts of the talk, around myths, there seemed a lack of "relevance"
    • Not knowing which section a slide was part of was an issue. ("Is this still related to Myths?")
    • Namely when you were talking about "Differences between expectations"
  • You mentioned "Boxed primitive error messages" for streams(?). Would be better to show people rather than just telling them.
  • Throughout the slides kept being changed accidentally, be wary of this as it can be jarring.
  • When showing a visual example, try to keep the following code example the same.
    • Don't add 1 to 4 visually and then suddenly count numbers in code.
  • You mentioned "simply using .forEach() isn't great", perhaps show a quick example of "a better method".
  • Going through the "count all occurrences in a book" kata. Don't just show the code solution, first talk through the semantics in plain English!
    • Similarly going backwards and forwards across the messed up half solution isn't so valuable.
  • Overall the content was fantastic and pitched at a good level.


  • This talk has left me really hungry to start using Streams and Collectors in anger.
  • Visualising all these abstract concepts really seems like the way to go!

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