Monday, 20 January 2014

Skimmer's Guide - Head First Design Patterns - Introduction

“Our goal was to make the book weigh less than the person reading it... Our focus is on the core patterns that matter...”


I've recently started reading this book along with a few others in the LJC Book Club. As we read the book, I will be producing a series of Skimmer's Guide posts for each significant section of the book. Introduction to Design Patterns, the next section, is here. If you are interested, please join the discussion on our Google+ community


We start our reading of Head First Design Patterns with a gentle and enlightening introduction to the Head First world. Their approach is really intriguing and it is refreshing how much they are vested in helping the reader learn. Everything is to the point and we are immediately told who this book is and isn't for. Our goal in reading this book is stately clearly: learning that design patters are all about reusing experience and creating flexible code.

Despite the daunting size of this book (it is very heavy), the writing style and format makes it very easy and enjoyable to read. If you have experience with Head First books in the past, the introduction could be skipped although I highly recommend giving it a quick skim in the least.


Taster - Table of contents
Surprisingly enough, the novel table of contents work really well as a taster for things to come. Much like the rest of the book, the entertaining writing style brings the book to life :)


Tricking your brain into retaining knowledge
One of the very first concepts covered in the book, this is the art of learning how to best learn. Absolute must read as the techniques covered are applicable to learning in all walks fo life.


Beginning to read this book has been a wonderful foray into the Head First world and has whetted my appetite for more. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into the world of design patterns in the next part :D

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