Monday, 7 September 2015

Destiny: Nostalgia - Becoming Legend

The Taken King is just over a week away and the Destiny 2.0 patch is tomorrow!

One of the things I am really interested in experiencing is the entire "Nolandroid" version of the game. Bungie's decision to recast the Ghost from Peter Dinklage to Nolan North is great news for the story and I'm hoping that we are given more of a character to bond with.

Unfortunately, some of the original story content will most likely require creating a new character for you to be able to replay it (like the very first mission). Rather than delete an existing character (all three of which I have grown to love), I opted for rolling a new account! This has the added bonus of starting me off completely anew and returning the excitement of loot drops :D

So that the original Destiny experience was fresh in my mind, I decided to create a brand new Hunter. Whilst this was fun, all the uglier parts of Destiny niggled at me here and there. This game is very shallow as a solo experience, you really have to enjoy it socially to get the most of the limited content.

Even then, if you rely on matchmaking, there are the "AFKers" you need to worry about. When playing strikes, you will more often than not come across players who are actively doing nothing to contribute. There is little you can do about this, either you carry them or you leave.

Aside from the challenge of being matched with decent human beings to play with, I grabbed the Walking Tall bounty which tasked you with finishing a strike without dying. Being only level 8 at the time with basic gear, this was no easy feat.

When I finally found my first solid group, we blitzed through the The Devil's Lair strike on Earth. The final boss was a long battle of attrition but eventually we had this false deity: "Sepiks Prime", within an inch of it's life. My Hunter was weary from many non-quite lethal wounds but still had something saved for this exact moment...

Sepiks Prime Golden Gun Kill 

I'll treasure all these little miniature "Moments Of Triumph" as part of an ensemble of "Becoming Legend". Little things have held this game back but nevertheless this first year has been a blast. Hopefully The Taken King can live up to the hype this time around and find out what it really is to Become Legend.

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