Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Stencyl Crash Course

Spent a night messing around with Stencyl and managed to create a basic Flash game. Sadly all you can do right now is:
  • Run/jump around
  • Kill enemies Mario style. 
  • Die by touching an enemy.
  • Die from falling off.

(click to launch Flash game)

This was adapted from the 1st Crash Course on the Stencyl website. The tutorial is very interesting and it walks you through all the major components of the game engine in less than 30 minutes.

What is ace about Stencyl is that it has an incredibly low barrier to entry. I'd imagine it would be a great tool for teaching anyone about coding/games development as you can pick it up without any prior knowledge. This also makes it ideal for graphic designers to create games when previously they might not have had the programming skills to do so.

Stencyl Behaviour Editor (Coding without the code!)

Stencyl comes bundled with a UI for piecing together code. Personally I found it to be a fantastic tool as it strips away all the boilerplate and lets you easily discover the API organically (search is your friend).

For those interested in diving under the covers, Stencyl uses Haxe as the programming language under the covers. It is very similar to ActionScript 3, which reminds me a bit of the dark days :P I'm not overly enamoured with creating Flash apps in this day and age but I appreciate that this is a good tool to start learning with :D

Looking forward to doing more with Stencyl soon!

P.S. Excited to be teaming up with @rumziyousef to form "ewry games" (pronounced 'eyrie'). The name reflects the fact that we are a "fledgling duo" with high hopes :) Expect to be hearing more from us soon!

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