Saturday, 6 April 2013

Functional Programming for the Object Orientated Programmer

Having finished our first book (The Well-Grounded Java Developer), the LJC Book Club has now started our new book: Functional Programming for the Object Orientated Programmer.

To keep things consistent, Ged and I will be keeping all the Skimmer's Guides on the LJC Blog from now on. I've drafted the first one and hopefully it will be available soon.

So far I have found the book a little slow, I'm dying to learn it all already! The functional style of coding combined with the old school command line style coding is bringing back strong memories of when I first started coding with Haskell xD

During the course of this book, we will be doing a load of exercises and I will be sharing all my code on GitHub ( Hopefully over the course of reading this book the quality of the code I produce will increase as well ;) However I am in dire need of a fully functioning IDE! My goal for next week is to try to get my old ultimate version of IntelliJ 11 fully set up and ready, I need my autocomplete and formatting back :P

In any case, so far the book is great aside from the slow start. I got so sucked into it that I've accidentally read ahead already. My immediate goals are to learn how to do recursion and pattern matching properly in Clojure, can't wait!

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