Sunday, 7 April 2013

London Code Dojo 21

My second outing to the London Code Dojo and I am kicking myself for leaving early :(

What Went Down

The dojo was a completely new exercise as expected but rather surprisingly it was a completely different set of rules! This time there was no super strict TDD rules but we were dealing with a slightly more complex problem.

The challenge was to generate 100,000 random numbers and sort them into order ourselves, with our own sorting algorithm! Everyone break out the panic sort ;) I had the pleasure of pairing with Rupert Wood and we just copied the wiki version of in memory quick sort >.<

Our goal was to make code as readable as possible and I think we managed that fairly well. The code is now up on GitHub ( See the initial commit for the raw version of what Rupert and I managed.

My Impressions & Lessons Learnt

  • As mentioned, I had to leave early which really sucked as I missed the last part and the really important retrospective. Never again!
  • I should prepare more and be more active in moving out of my comfort zone.
  • Need to be stricter with the TDD!
  • Since the dojo I spent a night refactoring the code and introducing Java 8 Lambdas to the equation :) This is also on the GitHub (
  • My goal now is to learn how to implement a super fast parallel array sort! XD

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