Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tomb Raider - First Impressions

Just played through the first few hours of Tomb Raider and it is freaking awesome.

Since I have been saving up recently, I've been avoiding buying the many different games I want. Luckily Tomb Raider has dropped a load in price and I had just enough Amazon vouchers left over, yay! XD

When I first played this at the Eurogamer Expo (really looking forward to this year's, already got my ticket!), I didn't think all that much of it to be honest. Perhaps it was just having to play it on an Xbox :P

However having sat down and played with the game properly, I am really getting into it. For me it is modern day Assassin's Creed but with Lara Croft, what is there not to like?! The story is really gripping and the gameplay isn't half bad at all.

Camilla Luddington does a fantastic job on the voice acting for Lara, really letting you connect with all the emotion the character is going through. I'm shockingly impressed with all the versatile ways you can die and how they are all voiced perfectly! o.O

If like me you neither have the time or the patience to actually comb through games to find every single collectable, I found a good guide on locating the Treasure Maps for each area. Googling for an image of the area map with the Treasure Map highlighted is always handy as well!

So far so good, I'm not swept away by the combat or the platfoming yet but I do very much like levelling up! Looking forward to the May Bank Holidays to put in some real quality time with this little gem! XD

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