Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Developer Diary - JavaScript, GWT and Vaadin Graph Libraries

Having a massive headache trying to find an easy to use JavaScript/GWT/Vaadin graph library.

We're looking to invest in a tool to allow us to draw various types of complex directed graphs, ranging from an "Organisation chart" to a business flow diagram separated into "swim-lanes". On top of this the graphs have to be "skinnable", allowing our graphic designers to make them look slick. Finally the whole library should be easy to use and ideally very well documented/supported.

After some Googling, I've come to the conclusion that there is no one stand-out product in the market which makes these requirements. It looks like we may have to sacrifice one of our requirements to progress any time soon.

One of the sources of complexity I am just going to have to deal with comes from the need to wrap whatever tool we use into Vaadin. Obviously if I find a Vaadin component then I'm done, the main issue is with JavaScript, which I have next to no experience with.

However it has just occurred to me to start looking at pure HTML solutions, perhaps I might find a good tool going down that route... Otherwise I am really going to have to start digging and researching >.<

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