Monday, 16 April 2012

Linkin Park - Burn It Down

Burn It Down, the first single of the new Linkin Park album, Living Things, has just been released today.

I've listened to it a half dozen times over the last few hours (on and off) and the sound has really grown on me. As soon as I heard it my head started bobbing, the bass is really catchy and I love the retro electric feel to the track. In my mind I half joked with myself that Linkin Park had moved away from "nu metal" to "retro electro metal".

Lyrically the song is very simple but I wouldn't call it simplistic. I'm not sure I'd call the song "deep" but I like how the words seem to flow nicely with the beats. As ever, I can never get enough Shinoda... I gotta have more Shinoda!!! >.<

Not my favourite Linkin Park track of all time, but I definitely don't dislike the new sound! Looking forward to the album!


  1. Agree with the above comment - like The Catalyst it takes multiple listens to get used to it. As you've said, a bit more of a metal sound and a double-dose of Shinoda would improve it for me, but thats nit-picky. If the rest of the album is this sort of sound I wouldnt be complaining :)

  2. Yeah I'm really looking forward to the album, I got a pre order bonus of some remixed tracks coming every month for the next 8 months. Be interesting to hear those, will share what I think bout it then as well.