Friday, 6 April 2012

Tax, Politics & The Bigger Picture

Despairing at the world after having just read this story:

This is what is wrong with society, we need to stop looking through a microscope and start seeing the wider issues.   Are people going to start seeing elections as simple popularity contents akin to the drivel we see on our televisions year in and year out?

When making a list of important things we should know about the next London Major, how much tax he/she pays should be VERY low on the list. What they plan to do with the tax you pay and how you will get taxed is probably the most important thing.

For me, all I care about is if the next Major of London managed to give everyone better value on their taxes and fixed the antiquated transport system we have. I would happily pay extra tax toward cleaning all the crap from the tube, metaphorically and literally >.>

In any case, let's hope some semblance of common sense breaks through sooner rather than later.

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