Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Flappy Cube v0.2.1 (ewry games)

We have a minor version bump for Flappy Cube! Now we open off with a start menu and I've introduced a basic tutorial :)

Flappy Cube v0.2.1 - ewry games

I found that there was shared logic between all these buttons to switch the scene and draw the button text in the right place. Behaviours in Stencyl seem to be the best way to go when trying to encapsulate/share logic.

Switching Scenes Behaviour

Behaviours can expose configurable attributes and they really help in reducing the amount of duplicated code. Sadly there doesn't appear to be an easy to compose behaviours though.

There was a strange issue I stumbled across when I was trying to configure actors within the scene designer.

Customising an actor within the Scene Designer

Initially I only had a single Button actor type and I added two to this "Start Menu" screen. Trying to customise them lead to conflicts though. It would seem that Stencyl didn't like that we were setting Target_Scene to two different values. My only guess is that the scene was using a single attribute for actors of the same type. This meant clicking the Tutorial button would launch the Game instead, as the attribute had gotten overwritten by the other. Whilst I definitely did see the bug occur, the reason why is purely speculation...

So the next steps are to continue the work on skinning/theming! We have been putting together some concept art and hope to be able to share it soon :D Other than that, I'll be looking to tweak the tutorial.

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