Thursday, 11 February 2016

Stencyl Crash Course 2 - Space Invaders

Followed the 2nd Stencyl Crash Course and created a flash version of Space Invaders.

Note that you use Z to fire! The game lacks polish but it is functional. I haven't done any proper play testing or balancing, right now it feels a little too difficult. Here is a short video demonstrating the different ways to lose and win:

"Space Invaders" In Action

Personally I am growing to dislike Stencyl due to:
  • Lack of native support for version control
  • Lacks proper global undo/redo functionality
  • Compiling to Flash takes too long
  • Haxe/Stencyl code is pretty ugly
  • Bugs/esoteric features (killing the Player seems to mess with the scene logic)
  • Difficulty in editing underlying code
Perhaps these quibbles are due to inexperience but it doesn't bode all too well with me!

*edit* Managed to successfully port the game over to HTML5 :D

HTML5 Space Invaders - ewry games

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