Saturday, 20 February 2016

Flappy Cube v0.2.3 (Highscore - ewry games)

This small update to the game has cleaned up the HUD and introduced a Highscore!

Flappy Cube v0.2.3 - ewry games

I managed to uncover the "pipes don't spawn" bug in the Tutorial. This old bug was present in the spawning logic for the pipes. When I created Tutorial, I simply copy and pasted the code over. This bad practice came back to haunt me, code duplication is the devil! I've known killed the duplicated code and there is a single piece of spawning logic that is configurable now :)

There is a choice on spawning pipes/ships randomly or in a fixed position.

Sadly the Highscore doesn't persist if you refresh the game :( This will be something we look at once the game is more fully fledged!

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