Monday, 12 March 2012

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Back when OnLive first hit the market, I was informed by a good friend that they were offering up the first game you brought for just £1. Seeing as the service is completely free otherwise, I jumped at the opportunity to play the new Deus Ex.

For a week I played the game solid and I actually quite enjoyed it. It combines Metal Gear Solid with the open world mechanic really well, sneaking around performing stealth take-downs is always a lot of fun! Trying to complete levels with a perfect stealth rating however is infuriating and yet strangely addictive.

The role play element in Deus Ex is really quite slick as well, which I suppose is best known for. Whilst you can make a lot of decisions to make the character your own, there is enough history and personality to provide a really interesting person to emphasis with as well.

In terms of the game mechanics, the "levelling" system works quite well and I really enjoyed the freedom and versatility. Sadly there isn't really a way to power level in the game, although I did find this glitch. Smashing through walls and being invisible really does make the game ALOT of fun XD

If you do plan on getting this game, I'd very much recommend you do not get it with OnLive. In my experience, the game is diminished by it. In the end, I got sick of the latency and poor stability of the game and I gave up. If the PS3 version ever got really cheap, I'd probably give it a whirl again. Finishing the story would be snazzy and it would be great to get another batch of trophies!

Overall, I would definitely this game to anyone who enjoys action or RPG games. There seems to be a lot of value to be had from replaying the game and it is genuinely a beautiful game in an intriguing world of its own.

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