Saturday, 3 March 2012

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has really changed the way I use the web.

The most innovative and intuitive feature, which I miss the most when using other browsers, is the address bar search. Why bother having a search box right to the address bar on other browsers? In this day and age, everyone navigates to their websites either by quickly Googling it or using their bookmarks...

Which brings me onto my all time favourite feature, the saved session. On my PC I have about 8 - 12 tabs open constantly. At one point I had 20+ tabs, with all my webcomics open. Gone were the days where I had to boot up my browser and then navigate through my bookmarks one by one. Now I can just fire up Chrome and everything is just there!

Another nifty thing I do with that is that whenever I want to read something but I don't have time to, I can just leave the tab open. This prompts me the next time, as I see it load, rather than letting it rot away in some bookmark folder.

I used to love this feature on IE (version 7 I think?), but it was fairly clunky and sadly removed in later versions (again I haven't used IE properly in ages, so can't say for sure).

Lastly, on my PC I have dual 24" monitors, one landscape and one portrait. With dockable tabs and Windows 7, I can undock a landscape tab in Chrome and Windows snap it full screen in my portrait screen. This is all done in one mouse movement and great for reading long articles/viewing tall pictures xD

I <3 Chrome!

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