Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dominion Updates

Really glad to finally have my Final Fantasy XIII-2 article all done! It is far from fully comprehensive but I believe it captures my feelings well. Definitely a game worth playing if you enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII but temper your expectations!

The hit count is ticking over slowly but steadily, ~250 in one month is more than I expected in any case. I do believe the original Dominion clocked less than a thousand in its entire lifetime... so yay for Blogger I suppose!

As you can see, I've slightly re-jigged the layout of the blog. It's nothing major but I feel the site reads a bit better, any feedback is always welcome! I've also moved the advert so it is visible on load, no one has clicked on any of them yet but that is to be expected with the traffic...

Anywho, things are shaping up nicely and I thank everyone who has been taking the time to read all of it! XD

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