Monday, 5 March 2012

Dominion - Expanded!

The past few days I have been working diligently at porting over the best stuff out of my Google+ posts. Ever since I set it up, I've been using it to wax lyrical about any topic I fancied! Hopefully some of it will be some use to someone out there!!!

As you can see, the tag cloud has grown considerably! Just to explain some of the more esoteric labels I am using...

  • A View - covers all my reviews and takes on various topics ranging from Film to Restaurants.
  • Random Thoughts - for things that come to me randomly, expect topical topics and the unexpected.
  • Meta - typing about "talking about Dominion"
I've been building up a steady pile of drafts as well, which hopefully means I will be able to post content on a semi-regular basis...

Watch this space for my epic Final Fantasy XIII-2 review!

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