Friday, 9 March 2012

Fantasy Football - Analysis, Strategy & Blind Luck

One of my many hobbies is to take part in Fantasy Football every week. I like to think that I use a good amount of analysis and strategy to it, but in the end it is mostly blind luck!

At the height of it, I would sit down on a Friday night and rigorously analyse the BBC Football website for details of the week's fixtures. Going by the history between clubs (in terms of previous meetings) and the current players in form I would try to calculate the best team to pick that week...

My strategy generally involved trying to locate players who were likely to be involved in a very one-sided game or a high scoring game. One sided games meant picking defenders on the dominant side and high scoring games usually meant transferring in the key midfield player rather than the striker.

Midfielders are potential gold mines for points. They get a point for clean sheets, 5 points for scoring and 3 points for assists. The really quickly racks up and picking up an in-form Lampard is a bargin, whatever the price.

Sadly it would appear that my team selection sucks :( My make/break strategy of building a core team around a few players leaves me very susceptible failure if even a single player is injuryed. At some points this season, almost half my team hasn't played :(

So there you go, all that analysis only for it to fall down to bad luck with injuries. In any case, when I do get lucky, I won't be attributing it to skill... Neither will I be going into trading/gambling anytime soon either XD

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